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TAM street sign

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Tim Tam Pack

A Tim Tam is a delicious cookie ("biccie" in Oz slang) made by Arnott's of Australia that is chocolate, or some other, cream between two chocolate wafer layers, all covered with milk or dark chocolate. There are some variations - Tia Maria filling, double coating, and the like.

But the true genius of the Tim Tam is its ability to be used as a delicious if somewhat limited use straw. This practice is known throughout Australia as the "Tim Tam Slam". I was lucky enough to get both some Tim Tams and some instruction from an Aussie at a recent social outing, so as a public service towards better International Understanding, I would like to present a pictoral guide towards enjoyment of this fine biscuit, which deserves to be far more widely known in this country.

If you do not have a merchant of Australian products nearby, or an Aussie friend to bring you some, the nice people at Aussie Products in San Jose, California, would be happy to mail order some to you without Customs hassles. They're on the "Arnott's Sweet Biscuits" page. (Try the Kahlua Slice, too, they're very good.)

The Tim Tam Slam

1. Prepare a suitable hot beverage. Coffee is mighty tasty with this, although many Aussies favor tea.

2. Take the Tim Tam and daintily nibble off two opposite corners of the rectangle.

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