Thursday, January 13, 2005

TAM International Manufactures

TAM International manufactures and services one of the widest ranges of inflatable Casing Annulus Packers (CAP™) and accessories. TAM products and services enable more effective and efficient zone isolation in a wide spectrum of downhole conditions and operational requirements. TAM inflatable packers range from 1 11/16” OD to 30” OD with seal lengths from 1 ft. to 35 ft. TAM packer applications include a wide variety of drilling, completion and workovers operations. In addition to standard products as described in this website, TAM has developed a reputation for designing, verifying and manufacturing special customer specific products. All TAM locations provide quality service and thorough product support. Every customer inquiry is carefully screened by a select team of professionals. Quality system guidelines certified to ISO 9001:2000 requirements are used to determine which jobs are practical, proper tool selection and field procedures. To assure product quality and reliable operations, every CAP undergoes function testing before shipment. All components are traceable and each product serialized in compliance with ISO requirements down to the maintenance of electronic pressure recordings of all tests with the serial number file.

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