Monday, December 13, 2004

TAM = Transportation Acquisition Manual

The Department of Transportation Acquisition Manual (TAM) is issued by the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE), Office of the Senior Procurement Executive (OSPE). It establishes for the Department of Transportation (DOT) uniform internal operating acquisition procedures, which implement or supplement the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Transportation Acquisition Regulation (TAR), other agency regulations and statutory requirements.1201.102 Statement of guiding principles for the Federal Acquisition System.(a) To create a world class acquisition system that delivers best value products or services to the customer, each OA must follow DOT's Procurement Performance Management System (PPMS) including its policy principles. This system was developed in partnership with and is maintained by the Procurement Management Council (PMC). Implementation of the PPMS is the responsibility of the Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA).1201.103 Authority.The TAM is issued pursuant to DOT Order 4200.18 series, Establishment of a Transportation Acquisition Manual.

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