Monday, December 13, 2004

The tom TAM Healing System

The Tom Tam Healing System was created by Tom Tam after his research and practice for more than 10 years. He published the Tom Tam Healing System book in 1995. The book is very popular, and the fifth edition was published in 1999. The book is available for sale, please check our Tom Tam's Books page.

Tom Tam Healing System was based on the HuaTo JaiJi from traditional Chinese medicine. Tom verified it and enhanced the system to include the neck and the head. It is the most complete healing system based on today's central nerve knowledge.

Tom researched the organic of brain, cranial nerves, spine and their relationships with organs, body functions, hormones, blood circulation, etc. during his many years of practice. With his unique and long efforts to integrate eastern and western medicine systems, the Tom Tam Healing System was finally formed in 1992. Tom kept on doing his research and continuously enhanced the system. He was able to update the system four times in five years since the first Tom Tam Healing System book was published. The system covers body functions from the top of head all the way down to toes. It is the most complete effective medicine system today. Tom has been using this system to treat many difficult diseases very successfully.

The Tom Tam Healing System is the foundation of our practice. The Cranial chart and the spinal chart are essential charts in our clinics.

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